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Condensation Prevention Service Covering Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

Condensation is more likely to happen throughout the colder seasons of the year. This is because the main central heating in a property is on, ventilation from windows is closed and windows sashes are closed. Condensation will happen wherever they is warm air meeting cold air and a shortage of ventilation especially apparent in areas where they is a great deal of moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. Other factors that can affect condensation amounts can be the number of people living in the property, living lifestyle and the layout of the property.


How to spot the signs of condensation? You can identify condensation in a number of different ways listed below:

Condensation problems & why it should be kept to a minimum

We all live with condensation on a daily basis and it can be very annoying by steaming up mirrors and windows especially when cooking but we put up with this as a mild form of condensation.

In its more serious form it can affect certain areas and surfaces causing damage by being absorbed into the material such as wall boarding plaster leading to the wall turning soft. Solid brick or block walls have a low moisture amount but condensation ignored and just left can lead to a number of issues listed below:

If you are suffering from condensation, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a query or question where a member of our team will be happy to discuss the issue with you.

Solving Condensation

Firstly we need to identify the main cause of the condensation before we can advice or even rectify the problem. This is by:

Living habits

There are many reasons that lead to an increased amount of moisture in the air at home. This can be determined from the number of people living in a property with a shortage of airflow ventilation. After adding improvement changes such as double glazing or insulation which seals up the natural ventilation areas that moisture previously was escaping. A very common sight in a home is when people are drying clothes on the radiators or cloths on an airer.

The need is to change and adapt living habits. This can be achieved by maintaining an increase in airflow ventilation circulation. Open windows when and where possible, inspect and check you have the sufficient amount of airbricks and that they are not block up. Don’t fill your wardrobes to full capacity and ensure all extractor fans are maintained and in full working condition.

Of course there are certain properties that can be more vulnerable to condensation than others. In this instance there are other possibilities obtainable.


The installation of measurement units of control

Our customer service site manager will work with you to set out a program for the works to suit your needs and availability. Once work begins the site manager will oversee the complete installation from start to finish by our qualified team of installation engineers are tradesmen with a proven track record for quality control ensuring all units are installed with minimum stress and disruption leaving the work site as clean as we found it. Our Site Manager will always be available to answer and queries or questions that may occur.

Once all works are completed we will issue a warranty on the installation measurements.

Ensuring the correct percentage of ventilation

As a homeowner there are a number of methods you can implicate to ensure the correct amount of airflow quality in your house.

Your goal is to normalize the (RH) Relative Humidity levels circulating around your house to maintain a percentage level from 40% to 60%. Maintaining suitable ventilation; proper heating control and the correct U-value insulation to the property will achieve this.

These factors installed correctly and maintained will reduce the build up of moisture in the air that causes condensation.

Condensation Paint

Over the past few years anti condensation paint has become very popular with property owners used in the fight with condensation. Its purpose is to lower a significant percentage of moisture from accumulating in the affected areas of your house. It achieves this by marginally insulating the walls it is applied to and slightly raises the surface temperature.

It can be used almost anywhere, lofts, sheds, garages, basements, and entrance porches. It can only be used where there are small amounts of moisture build up on walls. It will not work on more severe cases such as streaming water rapids in basements. In a lot of cases anti condensation paint will not 100% cure condensation build up to the walls applied to. It will only reduce the amount making it a little easier to manage.

Short-term measures to reduce RH levels & condensation:

Our services we supply in short:

Remember your property is at risk if you let damp set in and do nothing about it!

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