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Timber Treatment Service Covering Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

It is not uncommon living in the UK to find structural timbers being attacked be either insects or fungi due to the low temperatures and damp climate the UK suffers for most of the year. This and the use of traditional construction fabrics and the system then used in construction make them particularly vulnerable and at risk. A absence of suitable ventilation and constant damp conditions result in varies fungi germinating, growing and taking hold leading to devastating structural damage to the fabric timbers of the building.

Surveying and treatment

Here at Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) we tick all the boxes and can offer a survey, diagnose and can offer the correct treatments for your timber such as:

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We have an extensive knowledge and understanding regarding fungal attack, rot attack and insect attack. We can correctly identify each case in turn a perform a thorough investigation to determine and correctly diagnose the source of the damp issue so as the correct treatment and remedial works can be applied to safeguard a long-term repair solution which will be fully protected and guaranteed for years to come.

The treatment involves the following:

Our teams of trained engineers are multi skilled and use the correct products available to ensure the treatment of the rot and all other spores are eradicated completely preventing them from returning. The variety of wood biocides and preservatives we have at our disposal are the latest in technology delivering maximum efficiency whilst maintaining minimal levels of danger to health & safety to the environment, general public and the residents of the property.

Beetle & Woodworm Attack
Woodworm Treatment

Beetle & woodworm attack on timber

Insects such as the Anobium Punctatum better known as the Common Furniture Beetle or the Xestobium rufovillosum better known as the Deathwatch Beetle, make small holes in timber which are usually flight holes and when visually spotted it is common to mistake it as an active infestation when in reality the infestation is inactive and the timber usually completely solid.

A common mistake is to bang against the timber with your hand, fist or hammer and see falling bore dust left from a previous infestation. This dust can be present inside the timber for years without doing any harm whatsoever. As the timber is knocked banged or dislodged the falling dust is often mistaken as a new active infestation but it’s not always the case.

sIf you suspect you have an infestation issue regarding woodworm its important to call us as soon as you can for us to perform a survey so as we can successfully identify the species as knowing the species will effect the treatment implicated. Some insect’s larva woodworm have a life span of actually 10 years to fly out where others can only be 10 months to fly out.

Treatments for woodworm

Once we have identified the species our experienced surveyor will allocate the correct insecticide formula needed to eradicate the infestation as they bore through feeding on the timber. Our professional technicians will apply this process. Some insects will only require a spray treatment where others could well need application of an insecticide get that has deep penetrating abilities.

Repairing damaged timber caused by woodworm

Most of the time woodworm infestation is caught before any major structural repairs are necessary. However, this is not always the case and from time to time it is necessary to repair the effected structural timbers so as the buildings structural integrity maintains intact. Repairs can be from application of resin repair procedures or the complete timber being removed and replaced.

Please feel free to contact us for help & advice

If you have any concerns whatsoever please feel free to call us and one of our surveyors in the team will be happy to help you and give you the correct advise possible. We can on request perform a detailed tailor made survey suitable for your home only and then give you the correct advice to remedy all and any problems we find to ensure your home stays fully protected at all times in all weathers.

Our Warranty/Guarantee

We are proud to say we take pride in our reputation and how we work. Upon completion of our works you will receive our personal workmanship warrantee along with our guarantee and a manufactures guarantee protected and backed up by the Guarantee Protection Insurance Scheme or (GPI).

We are also looking to become members of the Property Care Association, CHAS, Construction Line and Trust Mark for your peace of mind. All our warranty and guarantees are transferable to new owners of your home if you sell your property.

What lengths of guarantee do we offer?


Every case of damp is different and depending on the scale and size of the problem costs to repair will vary. It is important that you have your property surveyed and an individual and specific report completed as soon as possible. Our service gives each customer an individual report with recommendations and quotation to fix the damp problem. To make sure we are giving you an accurate price, one of our surveyors will come to your property to investigate the problem. Once your property has been assessed we will discuss the findings with you and detail the way forward.

Our services we supply in short:

Remember your property is at risk if you let damp set in and do nothing about it!

Please feel free to contact us for further advice

If you are concerned about any of the above issues affecting your property, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help, as we are Specialists in Property Surveying.

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