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Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) Terms & Conditions


  1. The estimate is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue after which we reserve the right of withdrawal or modification.
  2. Reports are prepared on the visible evidence and use of electronic moisture meters subject to the restrictions and limitations of the survey. Where further investigation is required this will only be carried out at the clients instruction.
  3. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the specification in the estimate is correct, we reserve the right to make modifications to this on site when unforeseen circumstances arise. Wherever the client gives instruction-involving changes in the work this may constitute additional costs for which an extra fee will be charged.
  4. The advice and recommendations given in our reports are intended for the exclusive use of our own company and personnel. We will not accept liability for any claims arising out of the use by other parties of the information contained therein.
  5. A C.O.S.H.H. Risk Assessment will be carried out prior to the contract commencing. Information from, and co-operation with the client will be necessary to produce a valid assessment. The client will be responsible for compliance with the C.O.S.H.H. Risk Assessment and safety signs.
  6. All invoices are payable in full within 28 days of date of invoice. A guarantee will not be issued until payment has been received in full. Where stage payments have been agreed in advance these will be paid at the completion of each stage.
  7. The Client is required to notify Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) of arrangements for its Operatives to obtain access to the premises. Any time lost through failure to make such arrangements will be charged as an extra.
  8. Except where occasioned by the negligence of Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) or its servants Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) accepts no liability for accidental loss, damage, or the contents of any such premises, or to any persons, or to any animal or plant life therein, or for any nuisance caused to the Owners or Occupiers of any such premises and the Client shall release and indemnify Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) from and against all claims arising from such loss, damage or injury as aforesaid. In no circumstances does Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) accept liability for the following:
    1. Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) will take every precaution to prevent the staining of ceilings, etc. but should such stains arise from the need to give timbers adequate treatment no liability is implied or accepted by the Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP)
    2. Any damage to the ceiling structure, whether or not the roof space, in which Plymouth Damp Proofing’s staff is to work, where it is structurally in a weakened condition, through insect or fungal attacks, or for any other cause.
    3. Damage to the electrical wiring which has become apparent, or been sustained in the building, or buildings, in the course of the treatment.
    4. Damage to floor boarding in treatment areas, although every reasonable effort and care will be taken.
    5. Collapse of insecure brickwork during Plymouth Damp Proofing’s work, if due to the collapse of insecure brickwork or to irregular bonding of the brickwork, or ant other cause, the additional unforeseen work found to be necessary will be charged as an extra.
    6. The Client is advised to remove from the premises any liquids or foodstuffs liable to contamination during the course of treatment, not to replace carpets or floor coverings until the solvent has evaporated, not to lay “vinyl” floor coverings on floors that have been treated without first obtaining the floor coverings manufacturers recommendations.
    7. Defects, which are found in the plumbing. If during the course of our work any unforeseen defects are noted to the plumbing, the Client will be advised and any repairs we carry out will be charged as an extra.
  1. Electricity supply, on normal voltage, is to be available to the Contractor (PDP) during normal working hours, without charge.
  2. Estimates are accepted subject to the above conditions. No alteration to these conditions will be accepted without written confirmation.
  3. Any complaint relating to work invoiced should be forwarded in writing within 14 days of the original invoice date.
  4. Please note that due to the life cycle of wood boring insects, retreatments will not be carried out during the residual fly-out period.
  5. For any claims against the Guarantee(s) issued, Plymouth Damp Proofing (PDP) reserves the right to charge a call-out fee. This amount would be reimbursed if re-infestation or a breakdown of the chemical damp proof course had occurred.
  6. The guarantee remains valid regardless of ownership. If re-assignment is required a fee will be charged.
  7. The property is to be kept in a reasonable state of maintenance and repair. Areas of treated timber must be free from moisture penetration.
  8. The damp proof course is not bridged in any way whatsoever.
  9. Guarantees may be invalidated if recommendations in conjunction with the original, or subsequent reports have not been complied with.
  10. Copies of guarantees and searches for guarantees are available subject to an administration fee.