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The use of our website by any individual is an agreement to the Plymouth Damp Proofing Terms and Conditions, we strongly advice you read the following privacy policy prior to the use of our website.

The Plymouth Damp Proofing website is a secure browsing environment with privacy being of utmost importance. We therefore do not collect any information of a personal matter from our website users unless it has been provided on an enquiry form or email to us. The information that is placed on these enquiries may be stored within a mailing system to contact you in the future about any promotions and discounts regards to your original enquiry only Plymouth Damp Proofing will not contact you about any promotion not relating to your original request unless you have specifically agreed for Plymouth Damp Proofing to do so. We may use cookies in order improve our website but this will be of a non-personal nature and will be untraceable to any individual. There is an option on your browser to reject cookies and doing so will not stop your use of the Plymouth Damp Proofing website, you may however find that certain options within our website may not work correctly should you choose to do so.

Plymouth Damp Proofing does not sale any customer data to third parties; any customer data that Plymouth Damp Proofing is in receipt of will only be used for purposes agreed to by that user. Within the Plymouth Damp Proofing website are links to other corporate sites, we are not responsible for the privacy policies carried out within these sites and recommend any customer using any third party site familiarise themselves with that websites privacy policy. 


The only information Plymouth Damp Proofing collects and stores about you, the visitor, is non-personally identifiable information such as the location of Visitor's Internet service provider, Internet protocol address, the browser and type of machine the visitor is using, the Website that referred you to the Plymouth Damp Proofing Website, the pages you request, and the date and time of those requests. This information is compiled and cannot be attributed to your individual computer.

The content with the Plymouth Damp Proofing website is strictly protected by copyrighting laws. The website is the property of Plymouth Damp Proofing and any copying, retrieval and use of any of the information within our site is strictly prohibited unless you have given written permission for us to use it.


Plymouth Damp Proofing provide links to websites that we feel may be of benefit to our customers, we select these sites carefully and consider them to be of a high quality and service. Plymouth Damp Proofing does not hold any control of these sites and do not guarantee the safety, content and services provided by these websites. Plymouth Damp Proofing strongly advise its customers to read any privacy policy provided by these sites to ensure their personal data is protected. Plymouth Damp Proofing cannot be held liable to any misuse of your data by our linked sites even when directly accessed through our website.


Through written customer consent Plymouth Damp Proofing may contact you in the future to notify you of any promotions or to contact you regarding your original enquiry. A user may request the suspension of said emails at any time by sending us the request in writing either by post or email. Plymouth Damp Proofing will correctly dispose of your personal data we have on file and stop all contact with the user within 72hrs of receipt of this written request.


Any customer information stored with Plymouth Damp Proofing will be held in log on the World Wide Web, the majority of our correspondence is done by email and unfortunately this form of communication is not 100% secure of interception by third parties Plymouth Damp Proofing therefore cannot be held responsible for any interception and damages that may occur from this. Should you wish to contact Plymouth Damp Proofing in a strictly confidential matter then we advise contact via recorded postal mail.


Plymouth Damp Proofing aim to ensure all the data and information we hold about our customers is up to date and accurate. Unfortunately due to human error this information can be stored incorrectly. The customer is welcome to amend any information we hold about them in writing and Plymouth Damp Proofing will aim to correct this information within 72hrs of receiving said notification.


All information transmitted to Plymouth Damp Proofing website is secure to the extent possible using existing technology. We will store the information that you share with us securely and will take appropriate steps to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. We will limit access to this information to those Plymouth Damp Proofing personnel with a need to know.


Plymouth Damp Proofing does not intentionally hold information about any individual below 16 years of age. Should a person under 16 receive any communication from Plymouth Damp Proofing of have contacted us by error then their personal information can be removed from our system log on receipt of written confirmation. We will aim to delete this information within 72hrs of receipt of this written instruction.


Plymouth Damp Proofing try to ensure all its website information is correct at all times, we do however hold NO RESPONSIBILITY for any inaccuracies on the site and are therefore NOT LIABLE for any damages that may occur from inaccurate information. This includes any direct or indirect damages and the consequences of these Plymouth Damp Proofing therefore CANNOT be directly held liable for the actions of its website or any links from this website.

Plymouth Damp Proofing provide links to third party sites that may convenient customers Plymouth Damp Proofing is accessible from third party sites. We DO NOT however hold any power or responsibility over any third party sight, the collection and use of your data and any damages that may occur from any inaccuracies within these third party website and the consequences of these damages. Plymouth Damp Proofing DOES NOT hold responsibility for the quality, safety and products provided by the linked websites and cannot be liable for any damages from any products or services these websites provide. Any access to our website from a third party DOES NOT mean Plymouth Damp Proofing have authorised this link or have any business connections to the third party business. This privacy policy and contained terms and conditions are effective from 8th August 2008, any changes to this will be posted within the privacy policy and any user browsing within this website after these changes will be considered an acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

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